Sunday, September 25, 2011

Har du sett något-Have you seen something?

Välkommen-Welcome to the Göta Canal on a fall day in Sweden

 So Let's take an Old Fashioned walk! Själv springer jag. I run. 
She rides her horse. 
But you are going to walk.
And, when you, like I, stop, you are going to take this advice from:

Olive (You're Not Alone)
Open another browser, paste in the Olive URL and listen while you look-it works 2/2/2012

(In English, Have you seen something?)

Open your mind (eyes), surely it's plain to see, you're not alone

And when you look behind, you will surely see a face that you recognize

It is the distance, that makes life a little hard

 So thought Eva Dickson, she above on the tree so close to home at
The Castle (Ljungs Slott)

I will not falter though, I hold on to your hope,
Safely back where you belong
Eva Dickson did not make it back "Safely where she belonged". She was driving her car north from Africa through Iraq when she, like Iranian woman poet, Forough Farrokhzad, drove her car of the road - for Eva near Baghdad - in1938, like Farrokhzad meeting her death at an all too early age. (The figures on the tree symbolize Eva Dickson's adventure from Africa northward.)

Eva Dickson never could settle down, her situation, like the situation in the Arab world was always fluid. She perhaps drove her car shouting 
"Insha' Allah" trusting in God to help her say in a never attained old age,
"I Have Always Lived in the Castle"

So listen to Olive, open your mind - and your eyes 
and you will surely see all this and in your mind's eye much more

Ett stort tack till följande konstnärer som jag aldrig själv träffat

But maybe I will, Insha' Allah, some rainy day in October
between Högåsa and Ljung Wa

Only In Sweden