Thursday, October 30, 2014

USA-Sweden comparisons

I cannot keep up here but have been citing this blog in New York Times comments every single day so want to encourage any NYT visitor who wants to communicate with me to do so directly via Gmail (address to the left). Of course if you wish to remain anonymous you can reply to this short post.

I have been commenting daily in the Times on four subjects that I know something about:

1) Medical care in the US and in Sweden (both from the viewpoint of patient and from the viewpoint of one who reviews manuscripts for Swedish medical researchers and sometimes does translations for them from Swedish to English).

2) Renewable energy and related subjects.

3) The American Riddle of Race - In the USA medical researchers routinely use "race" as a variable even though these researchers cannot define "race". Since the main users of "race" in Sweden appear to be supporters of the SD party, we have some strange situations arising. Older blog posts provide samples.

4) USA-Iran-Israel triangle (maybe later I will enter sample URLs)

For the moment, here is a URL to a comment dealing with the cost of health care in the USA, costs that any American citizen must face on returning, even for a short visit, since we expats may have Universal Health Care in our present country of residence, but that health care may not cover us if we return to the USA. As one who is over 65 I have American Socialized Health Care Insurance called Medicare.

Here is today's URL: