Monday, June 12, 2017

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2017 - Part I

Eventually, probably back in Sweden, I will create a montage of my experiences at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. But here today I will try to insert one video, not of musicians but of my dance partners whose line of descent like mine goes way back in Sweden.

I came down Church Street to the place that has non-stop live music outside in a tent. The music was playing and there were two women dancing right in back of the band and singer. Turned out they were mother and daughter. So I joined in right away all of us mostly in sync. There was no one I could enlist to film all of us so here is a clip of my two partners, just imagine me thewhat they are doing.

Then we talked and guess what they are mother and daughter - names in a book I do not have here - and grandfather Samuelson came from Sweden perhaps when my grandparents were coming over also. He would up in Jamestown, NY, where my great uncle Roy Lundgren wound up. They had visited the torp in Sweden where a returning Swedish soldier back from the wars when Sweden was Bernadotte country was given land. I visit a similar place at my Tree In The Pond in Linköping where returning soldiers were given land and maybe a cow or other animal.

I hope they find my blog and correct the details. Now to the Charleston Dancers and then a lesson they gave to a school class. That was a first take above, now let's have our first class.

OK they got their first moves, here is their first take as dancers

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tales of Two Cities - Linköping and Burlington

I was visiting Muddy Waters Coffee House in Burlington and write now from Speeder and Earl's Coffee neither your ordinary Starbucks place of residence. And listening to those around me led me to enter in my book above a new approach to looking at my two countries via the two cities I often use, Linköping SE and Burlington VT USA, in NYT comments.

Instead of pointing to one as offering something better, I let them tell their stories, so here I start.

I am a frequent resident of Coffee Shops where I often write. So here is what I wrote at Muddy's just to get started. The map is of my surroundings and of the people around me. These are just first notes on what I could hear and see. Just now I cannot get the text to land to the right and I have to leave. I simply note that in my 21 years in Sweden I have never been in a Coffee House where ev/eryone around me is engaged in so many different things as these people were. And I will also note that within minutes I had found an individual working on one of my passions, renewable energy, and specifically something mastered in my home city in Sweden, the systematic conversion of food and human wastes to biogas that runs the cities buses and many other vehicles. That's all for now. Just me