Thursday, July 23, 2015

Africa Trip Takes Obama Back

Africa Trip Takes Obama Back to a Complex Part of Himself

How Kenya fits into Mr. Obama?s identity remains one of the enduring questions of his presidency.
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URL to BBC World Radio Program in which an interview appears at
14:06 and ends at 23:00 The interview is with Nigerian born author Igoni Barrett and seemed to me to bear on Barack Obama's efforts to understand how his present identity may have been partly shaped by having the father he had. 

 The picture is of Barack Obama meeting his grandmother Sara in 2006. She is now in her 90s.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ecole Rahal Casablanca On Styrsö in Sweden

Here they are, Ecole Rahal Fotboll ready to take a boat from Styrsö back to the mainland - Gothenburg, Sweden. The player with the A on his baseball hat lives here in Gothenburg and we got to chat in Swedish. Then we jumped up. 

It is Saturday night here on the island so I will post this and be back tonight or tomorrow with more, I hope with a video of the boat they took. More pics too.

Great gang, lots of fun.

Eid mubarak!