Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wesleyan Student Finds Answers In Trump

Time to post an entry in this blog, dormant since Midsommar, as you can see below. After Donald Trump became the next US President elect, we have been subjected to countless articles claiming that he is there thanks to the group "less-well educated white males out of work". The New York Times has had such articles. Times reporters seemingly found it difficult to actually talk with the American people (see Times Public Editor article today 10 November).

Therefore I was particularly interested to read this Times article by a Wesleyan student, Bryan Stascavage. Bryan seems to say that he was not at all aware that there is a major income gap between a select 1% of the American people and the rest us until he took an Economics course at Wesleyan. I do not know how this could happen unless Bryan only read Social Media entries until he enrolled at Wesleyan.

In any case, Brian tells us that learning this and other useful information led him to be a Trump supporter who voted for Trump. Strangely, he fails to tell us what Trump has said about this gap and  if Trump wants to reduce the gap. Brian seems unaware that such a gap does not exist in a number of 21st Century countries, one of which is the one named in the title of my blog.

So in a comment on Brian's column I have suggested he might want to look at some older posts here. They do not address the income gap directly but they do show people who receive support for their children, Universal Health Care available to every single Swedish person I show, and, in the most recent, several asylum seekers who are supported by the Swedish government while the Immigration  Agency reviews their applications.

This to Brian: Brian, many of us supported Bernie Sanders because he seemed interested in making the USA more like Sweden. Your man in the White House has as his goal the making of a US that has as little resemblance to Sweden as possible.

So if you read this, Brian, why don't you tell us what will happen to the 10s of 1000s of people covered by ACA when your man does away with the ACA. We are listening.

On Campus

My Liberal University Cemented My Vote for Trump

The econ department taught me about the income gap. The history and classics departments showed me that change rarely succeeds with a smile.
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