Saturday, April 19, 2014

You Read It In The New York Times by Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics told New York Times readers on April 18, 2014 that the future of renewable energy in the United States is much brighter than one could ever guess from reading the New York Times or even much put out by the United States government. He chose to tell his readers that the cost of solar energy installations is falling rapidly so they can become a reality.

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An addition: 16:05 Central European Time 19 April. You can read below that I discovered the solar energy installation as a benefit of running along Götakanalen. If you are more interested in the canal than in solar energy, visit one of my favorite posts:

There you can see the canal and read about Eva Dickson, the remarkable women who grew up in Slottet and became legendary for her exploits in Africa. Every time I run along the canal I stop to talk with Eva as I call this sculpture that has been in this  tree since 2011. In the distance across the wheat fields is Slottet and the solar-roofed barn you see below. If you have the time and visit the URL above then click on the Olive URL there and listen to You're Not Alone, which is what I tell Eva.

I promised readers that I would show them something I have never yet seen in my part of the United States, New England but can see here in Sweden every time I go out to run along Götakanalen. The photo at the bottom of this set of three was taken 18 April just west of Ljungsbro as I drove along Götakanlen toward Ljung and Ljungs Slott. If you go in to you will see that these "Solar Swedes" know how to present information to the people. Yes, it is all in Swedish, but just sample anyway. Never in (my) New England, not yet.

It gets better there. I walked in on the road you see back of my Hyundai Atos and discovered some extraordinary buildings, each with full solar roof. As of this moment I know nothing about the buildings, but the solar area is, forgive me, "awesome". Not only that there was really nice rock-and-roll coming from the end of the building, live or not I do not know.

Then I drove up to Ljungskyrka and looked out across the wheat fields I truly love and photographed the barn you see directly below this text. What I particularly love is the juxtaposition of the absolutely new, solar cell technology, and the historic old, Ljungs Slott, the "Castle". At an older post in this blog I tell you a bit about that but I cannot go further right now. 

So I pose a question: Why do I see all such technologies "Only in Sweden" and never in my New England, which really resembled Sweden when my forebears Oskar, Hulda, Anders, Hanna arrived there in the 1880s (see them att David Underwood, one of my California friends and New York Times Verified tells me (and Krugman readers) that one reason is that major efforts are made by big business in America to prevent the spread of renewable energy.

And, get this, today's Krugman column actually appears under the headline, "How Do You Say 'Nobody Could Have Predicted This' In Swedish?" Two real Swedes "Swede" and "Jonas" have answered his question and I  have filed a comment or two.

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