Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYTimes West Bank and Water

 Roger Cohen discusses the progress of negotiations concerning the future of the West Bank. A reader filed a comment in which he correctly noted that the groundwater resources of the West Bank must be a major point in the discussion, something that few readers presumably would have known anything about.

My reply to the reader praises him for providing this information and promised that I would copy this section from my long-out-of print Environmental Geology (2d edition, 1999). Here it is.

Oddly I have been contacted by a faculty member who would like to use this book in a course to begin in the fall 2014, and the book is presently in India being copied. Stay tuned. (as with reading microscopic NYT comments just use Ctrl + the wheel on your mouse to make the smaller page readable). Blogspot does not want it shown larger than what you see. I have to leave for the Red Cross where I will meet my Jerusalem born Arab friend I refer to in my main NYT comment.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pipe Dreams - Keystone Or?

At this hour I am confronted by a headline in the New York Times telling me the "happy news" that maybe the pipes shown in the picture under the headline can soon be put in the ground as part of the Keystone pipeline.

URL http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/01/us/politics/report-may-ease-way-to-approval-of-keystone-pipeline.html?hp&_r=0

I have submitted a comment (there are already 379) referring Times readers to my blog post of one year ago - 15 February 2013 - which shows a better kind of pipeline that could be laid. This kind of pipeline is bringing my home the hot water that silently and fumelessly is keeping me warm.

Since the New York Times refuses - long experience, I assure you - to show its readers pictures of such pipelines I copy two from the post of one year ago. These pictures are to suggest that there is more than one kind of pipeline laying that could provide employment in America.

Distance heating pipeline being laid in Linköping, February 2013
Link to 2013-02-15

As I have written in more than one comment in the Times, after many years of living with this system as the means of heating my home I would never want to live in a home heated by oil or natural gas - never.

Connection to the system that lies under the entire city