Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYTimes West Bank and Water

 Roger Cohen discusses the progress of negotiations concerning the future of the West Bank. A reader filed a comment in which he correctly noted that the groundwater resources of the West Bank must be a major point in the discussion, something that few readers presumably would have known anything about.

My reply to the reader praises him for providing this information and promised that I would copy this section from my long-out-of print Environmental Geology (2d edition, 1999). Here it is.

Oddly I have been contacted by a faculty member who would like to use this book in a course to begin in the fall 2014, and the book is presently in India being copied. Stay tuned. (as with reading microscopic NYT comments just use Ctrl + the wheel on your mouse to make the smaller page readable). Blogspot does not want it shown larger than what you see. I have to leave for the Red Cross where I will meet my Jerusalem born Arab friend I refer to in my main NYT comment.

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