Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Quiet Cheer For Solitude from The Tree In The Pond

The first part of my title is from Frank Bruni's column in today's New York Times 

In a comment filed at 08:15 CET I promise readers images of The Tree In The Pond. At this moment I present the tree as I discovered it standing in splendid isolation in a pond that had been created as part of a project to restore the landscape to what it was in the 1700s.

The tree Alnus glutinosa offers its very first reflection here in June 2011 not long after the brook had been dammed up to create this pond and two larger ponds upstream. The September 2011 reflection is one of 100s captured since that first June day. Solitude and reflection, every day.
The Tree In The Pond
June 2011
Ullstämmaskogens naturreservat
The Tree In The Pond
19:27 CET

The Tree stopped being a living thing after that first summer as 
The Tree In The Pond
Although the no longer living tree shows no visible change in any single month its reflections change minute to minute and become the living Tree In The Pond

The Tree In The Pond
14:30 CET
Winter brings with it new mirrors

The Tree In The Pond
14:09 CET