Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New YorkTimes Friedman 23 Feb Now or Never

Thomas Friedman returns to a familiar subject today, a return based on the fact that in the early morning crude oil was up to $95 bbl and as I write this I heard $105 bbl.

His subject. Increase gasoline tax 5 cents a month (I think that was his scale). I support but added in my comment (here tomorrow 24th) that in New England where 50% of all space heating is oil heat (NPR data) it is feasible right now to be installing Ground Source Geothermal everywhere. Why? See my November 24 post and an earlier one in July 2010.

So simple, so feasible. But what is the new governor of Vermont talking about in terms of Energy Policy? Approving a few wind turbines on Lowell Mountain.

With that as an energy policy there is no hope.

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