Friday, February 15, 2013

Fjärrvärme-Distance Heating Phase II

In Phase I (14 February 2013) I showed you the ultimate destination of the hot water produced at one of the incinerators run by Tekniskaverken here in Linköping, Sweden. The destination was the heat exchanger that is keeping my radiators warm

So here in Phase II I show you the installation of a new set of distribution pipes where the diameter of each pipe gets smaller and smaller the closer that pipe is to an end user.

 Here you see a welder working on a
new set of pipes that are now buried beneath the Long Distance Bus site in Linköping. Hot water moves out from the incinerator and not so warm water returns to the incinerator in the return line to be heated once again.

Here you see the same pipes waiting to be connected to the next smaller pipes that were to be placed where the two vans are located.

Finally, the parking lot was excavated so that these smaller diameter pipes could be put in place.

New apartment complexes have been going up at what to me is with amazing speed. Since every such complex is heated by this system the underground pipe system stops growing.

In a few days - perhaps - I will be able to show you the above ground indications that there is a feeder pipe buried under my front yard. We have had so much snow on the ground since December 4th, that the heat rising from my feeder line has never been enough to melt the snow to create a line on the ground.

Now we are having a few days of high temperature (0 to + 2 C) so maybe that line will appear.

Phase III will be to show you where the waste trucks discharge the waste, which is then fed
into the incinerators to heat the water that will flow through these pipes.

Now it is TGIF time on a Friday night in Sweden.

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