Monday, September 30, 2013

Triangulation-Iran, USA, Israel

If you were to read the New York Times (both Times Wire and the published OnLine edition) 24 h a day as I do you would learn the USA stands on the brink of financial catastrophe thanks to the Tea Party brinkmanship. You would also see that every day there are blogs, OpEd articles, Editorials and more expressing very asymmetrical views on the three nation triangle, Iran, USA, Israel.

The two subjects really overlap since in Iran, many of us see the Ayatollah holding his subjects hostage, and in the USA we see the Tea Party holding the President hostage.

Keeping up with these two subjects takes considerable time and composing comments on both takes even more time, especially since this has to be done while remembering that the NYT reviewers work on US Eastern Time, not Central European Time.

I am assembling all of my comments so I do not have time to add more Somali Stories just now. Tomorrow I will be at the Red Cross and once again I will try to persuade one of the gang there to tell me a story. Here's hoping. Stay tuned.


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