Sunday, August 24, 2014

Charles Blow - Constructing A Conversation On Race

One of the New York Times finest - if not the finest - columnist is Charles Blow. I have been asking for quite a while to take up the subject of the American system for classifying people by "race", and this column seems to be his first step in that direction. He does not, however, refer explictly to that subject).

The short URL will take you to that column and to the hundreds of reviewed comments published by the New York Times.

I mention the fact that the New York Times publishes only reviewed comments unless they have been submitted by Verifieds. Verifeds are Times comment writers whose submissions are "printed" immediately without review. They have been chosen by successfully passing review by an NYT algorithm!

I call attention to this because my Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter DN has no such system. Because of this it is not possible for DN readers to do for Sweden what Charles Blow is trying to start for America, "Skapa ett samtal om "race"" (Jag använder "race" på Amerikanska eftersom det svenska ordet "ras" motsvarar inte "race" på Amerikanska)

So today I would like to enter a conversation about "race" in Sweden to which Judith Kiros (see previous post) was a recent contributor in the form of an essay that DN published in full. That essay is discussed in DN today, 24 August, in a thoughtful essay by Susanna Birgersson ( ledare). I would like to discuss both Judith Kiros and Susanna Birgersson essays in a forum of the quality of the New York Times comment forum. 

Not possible, Never In Sweden. Efforts to get Judith Kiros to reply to tweets go unanswered. 

No conversation

(I add here the URL to Susanna Birgersson and will add one to JK later:

The short URL below will take you to Charles Blow and hundreds of comments accepted for publication by the New York Times Comment Reviewers.

Constructing a Conversation on Race

A true racial dialogue is not one-directional — from minorities to majorities — but multidirectional.
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