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My comment on Charles Blow's column: Blacks, Obama and the Election

The Opinion Pages | OP-ED COLUMNIST Charles Blow
Blacks, Obama and the Election
NOV. 2, 2014

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The text below my ikon (Swedish flag overlain by Vermont license plate) is copied from my main comment on Charles Blow’s column in the New York Times today November 3, 2014.  I place it here in my blog because I have invited New York Times readers to reply to me via my Gmail here.

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The tiny URL to his column “Constructing A Conversation On Race” is

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Larry Lundgren
 Linköping, Sweden 51 minutes ago
Charles, after filing this I Email you to beg you – yes beg – to take the next step in “Constructing a Conversation on Race” (your column 2014-08-20) @

Here I beg – yes beg - commenters to take part in replies and/or Email to you/me in this conversation by responding to questions I pose. You give 2 reasons for Republican opposition to Barack Obama:

1) He embodies the idea that federal government has important roles to play, as in the ACA.
2) He has a skin color not acceptable for anyone being president of the United States.

Question I: What is the relative importance of (1) and (2).

Question II: Is opposition based on (2) really based on the belief that every person designated in the uniquely American way as belonging to a black “race” is genetically inferior to those designated as belonging to a white “race”?

You note that “Race is a construct that, unfortunately, is woven through the fabric of America”, a view with which I agree in the strongest possible way.

So Charles, take that conversation further by expanding on that sentence.
I shall do so and even am considering the need for a blog “The American Riddle of Race”.
My birth certificate, Attleboro, MA, reads: “color-white”
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End of comment appearing in the Times OnLine
I rarely, if ever, succeed in getting anyone to join the conversation, but this is placed here just in case.

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