Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Times Update-Radical Change/White Terrorist

This is simply to note that it is time to start writing again here, especially given the latest flood of NYT OpEds generated by Dyann Roof, the American Anders Behring Breivik (Norwegian terrorist whose sorry tale is presented skillfully by Åsne Seierstad in "One Of Us".

The Times had an Editorial about Young People Drifting, written a day or two after Roof had visited a church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of us Times commenters thought the Editors were going to offer Roof as an example of "young white person" adrift but instead the Editors went directly over to focusing on "young blacks adrift". We simply felt that the editiorial had been better if it had considered all young people adrift and perhaps even noted that Roof illustrates the worst but also serves as an example of how difficult it is to identify the worst before they act.

The Times also had a The Stone OpEd by Yale Assistant Professor Christopher Lebrun about the need for radical action in the black and surrounding communities. The comments cover the whole spectrum so I note only that for the first time, a commenter new to me Daniel12 offered a radical proposal that parallels mine - get rid of classification by race. Read his proposal!

Larry 2015-06-24

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