Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fjärrvärme-Distance Heating update
here is the URL to the beginning of the series that ends with the above

In connection with today's New York Times OpEd on recycling I have just looked at my blog and was surprised to see that I had to go all the way back to 2013 to find that URL so there are more posts from that back in time. For reasons I do not understand, the pictures have been replaced by a symbol. I cannot fix that right now - 20:04 h CET 4 October but maybe tomorrow morning.
The pictures tell the story so without them you cannot understand the system.
Footnote 1: 21:12 Swedish Public TV Conversations With Authors program with title Babel was on while I was looking briefly at the blog. The first author was poet and member of the Swedish Academy Katerina Frosteson. She ended her section of the program by reading a short poem of hers, Sopor (Trash). Strange coincidence.
Footnote 2: A reply to me was posted by a reader who remembered the bad incinerators in the building where she lived in New York City. I think countless Americans have lived in the presence of a variety of terrible incinerators and this has led them to believe that all incinerators must be terrible. I have lived in Sweden for 20 years and have never heard or read complaints about the fjärrvärme incinerators.Hope to start over again perhaps with new photographs.


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