Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Not About Race - 150 Words for the New York Times

First English, then Swedish (19 September 2009 - have added a link to Charles Blow-NYT-Read it!)
As recent posts show, I have been trying to keep up with the Manifest debate in Sweden. But there is a much more important debate going on in the USA. Today (18 September, David Brooks expressed in the New York Times some important thoughts that the Times editors seem unable to grasp. Therefore I have written the 145 words below and sent to the Times. The limitation to no more than 150 words is excellent, too bad Never in Sweden. Try it sometime.
Som mina senaste inlägg har visat, jag har försökt hinna i kapp med allt som publiceras om Manifest debatten i Sverige. Men, det pågår en mycket viktigare debatt i USA. Idag, 18 september, har David Brooks publicerat i The New York Times väsentliga tankar som NYT redaktörer inte fattar. Jag har skrivit och skickat 145 ord till the Times. Restriktionen - mindre än 150 ord är utmarkt, tyvärr Never in Sweden. Prova!

David Brooks has it right (9/18). It is time to stop thinking in James Watson terms (10/2007): The “African genome” does not offer the intellectual potential of the “Watson-group genome”. Since the Times has never, to my knowledge, revealed the name of the President’s “race” I suggest the Time’s writers adopt the following alternative.
Analyze in each Times article the statements of those who dislike, distrust, even hate and excoriate Barack Obama in terms of the expressed basis for these expressions. Doing so will reveal the abysmal ignorance of these critics as concerns Marxism, Hitler, socialism, medical care in Europe and Canada, and more. The thoughts expressed by my President arise not from that place in his genome that assigned a brown or beige skin color (Duke Ellington’s terms) but rather from his life history, his education, and his intellect. It’s Not About Race!

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