Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Walk in the Park-New York Times in Sweden

Visit the URL above and you will learn that brain science has confirmed what we who visit our trees every day know very well. The New York Times reports that A Walk in the Park is good for your brain or better said, your well being.

In my first NYT comment (tråkig kommentar, glöm den) I promised to offer pics of my walk in my park, Ullstämma Naturreservat, where I walk, run, or ski as often as possible. So join me and as you do, imagine how my state of mind was improved minute by minute (I had been editing and translating for Swedish cancer researchers during the day). All but the first photograph were taken today as the sun was getting down in its March 27 position. Click on a pic to see it in full size. If you have a blog with your "walk in the park" shown, write a comment or send me Email.
Meet the Tree in the Pond,
one of my closest friends

Fox tracks a few days old

That was earlier in the day, a couple of days ago. On the way out to the Tree in the Pond TIP, I passed these fox tracks that are now several days old and therefore reshaped by wind and sun. And here is TIP as I could enjoy it while I drank my coffee at the bench at kilometer three on Linköping Orientering Club Milen (10 km trail).
This is what the Tree in the Pond had to offer as I had
my "fika" (Coffee Time) as the sun was setting

 On the way back, I took a look at the tracks that you can see in the main picture of the tree above (the line to the left), tracks made a few days ago. What you discover is that The Fox in the Pond (FIP) used them yesterday as the path of least resistance in its almost daily walk here. The FIP very often passes close to the TIP in its travels. Why? Ask the Fox. The FIP probably takes these walks in the park early in the morning, so I do not get to meet the fox although I have during the fall.
The Fox in the Pond
uses my ski tracks
almost every day

I do not get to meet the fox but today just as I was leaving
my friends from last year came in over my head and landed
at the little Knob in the Pond (another Pond) that they regard
as their very own home.

There were about 10 of them, so here are three who welcomed me.
They too leave tracks, so we will see how those tracks evolve until the snow
and ice give way and I have to revert to walking or running rather than skiing.
We Three-We just came back, today, March 27, 2013
The middle goose's

My walk in the park ended when I left my Canada Geese
and watched the sun go down between The Oaks
in the Pond.

Adopt a Tree, watch it all year long!


  1. Hi Larry, I followed your comment on the NYT and that led to this blog. It is the beginning of Summer and expected to be 100F today in Texas - but these pictures, and your writing, took me back to winter and I could smell cold winter air and a hot cup of coffee & think of things that make winter delightful (I am typically happier in the warmer parts of the year than the cold, but every once in a while, winter/ cold does seem delightful :) ).

    Thanks for sharing.