Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday cake to my followers!

I did not think anybody visited my blog but yesterday when I was looking for a post showing my Kurdish friends dancing I discovered that some very nice people must have visited various posts long after the posts were first entered by me.

You have always seen at the left that each comment writer would receive a virtual apple from Apelgatan. Sorry, I never kept that promise because none (almost none) reveals his or her Email or a blog to which one can reply.

However, since I have done a lot of baking in preparation for my birthday (the birthday person provides the cake(s) and Kurdish Newroz celebration, I can offer each of you a virtual piece of cake.

These and more were for celebrating at the Red Cross two days after my St. Patrick's Day birthday. My co-workers and our students sang "Ja må han leva" (song tells the birthday person that the singers hope he or she lives 100 years, so I have 19 to to go)

So have a piece of cake and thanks for writing. I hope some of you could create a separate Email address to which I could reply, separate since you apparently do not want to tell the world who you are. My Gmail address is over at the left, so no problem contacting me.

If the Kurdish dancing goes well tonight, maybe you will get an added pic here.

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  1. Concerned Citizen, AnywheresvilleMarch 19, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    Larry, I think you are a pretty decent guy (despite hating the US so much). But if you put your email address out there, you risk harassment and trolls. I've had my Facebook account hacked. I've had trolls put my real name, address and phone number online, and encourage people to "get me". I've had my life threatened. My husband has been harassed at work, and had his Linked-in page overrun with trolls. So people really DO need to be able to comment anonymously, even to other nice people.