Sunday, March 24, 2013

Newroz Dance Until You Drop

To some of my newest Kurdish friends, especially Alwan, Zirak, and Ziwar I show you only two pics here. If any of you at your table next to ours (Larry, Barzan, Rahman) has pictures of the dancers I hope you will contact me via my Gmail - left - and we can go from there. My flash only worked once, since that camera is dying.

Now I which one is Zivar (dancer with vest, left in pic of the brothers) and Zirak has the blue sweater and shirt. Thanks Zivar. I am asking around to see if someone has a picture taken when I was dancing next to Zivar.

That's all for tonight - long day after a late night at Newroz!

Jag antar att jag inte behöver skriva på svenska!

A report from the BBC heard at 3:30 AM tells me we should all be visiting the part of Kurdistan where these guys come from. The BBC correspondent was in Erbil and was taking the very first trip in a new cable car that has been built on a mountain near Erbil. More when I track the story down. Don't miss it!

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  1. Hello larry, i'm zivar the one ho is standing with all the girls on the first pic and zirak is the one with blue swetter on the nest pic just so you know :):)